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A group of concerned local citizens formed Georgina Mobility Transit (GMT) to address the transportation challenges faced by some community residents.


GMT was incorporated as a registered charity, and thanks to support from the Town of Georgina, it operated a Mobility Bus for 12 years.


Transit Georgina was formed by a group of local citizens who were concerned about the special transportation needs of people at high risk of social isolation. These needs would include sole support women and their children, youth, frail elderly people, and people suffering from serious acute and chronic illnesses. Transit Georgina grew out of an initiative of the Premier’s Council on Health, Well-being and Social Justice. Transit Georgina, which was initially called “The Transportation Club,” was comprised of a Rider-Driver matching system.


In June, GMT and Transit Georgina amalgamated to form one consolidated non-profit charity with the goal of improving the transportation needs of Georgina residents.

Transit Georgina and GMT provide over 12,000 rides per year.

Everything we do stems from our enduring philosophy of
“neighbours helping neighbours”

evolution to routes

In 2012, a re-branding initiative was undertaken to update our organizational identity and create a recognizable brand. Our brand is how the world sees us and we want everyone to have a clear image of who and what we are. It is important that people understand what we do and what we stand for. The result? The evolution from Transit Georgina to Routes  Connecting Communities Inc. (Routes).

We uncovered these insights during our strategic planning exercise:

Growing Need – The population of York Region is on the rise and other parts of the region are increasingly in need of the unique transportation service we’ve been providing for many years. 

Complementary Service – Coordination with other transportation providers is key to reducing service duplication. Our service complements – rather than competes with – other transportation providers.

Partnerships are Key – As more hubs and multiservice solutions develop, collaborating and integrating with partners is essential in this funding environment. 

Confusing Identity – The name “Transit Georgina” was confusing; many people thought our organization was a bus company. 

Those insights, combined with research, brainstorming and creative guidance has resulted in:

Our New Brand – We connect communities. The workers, volunteers, and board members at our grassroots organization are eager to make a difference. We started out providing transportation to those residents requiring access. Now we’re evolving beyond that to offer a broader range of services – yet we haven’t abandoned our mission to move people. We’re still helping residents get to where they need to go – with resources and rides.

Our New Name – Moving people has always been our primary goal, and we now realize we can move people in many more ways than providing rides. Helping people develop and grow is what led to the idea of roots and roads. The word Routes speaks to so many of our ideas and hopes for our community. We’re here to help people discover the routes available in life and to develop strong roots that empower them to independence.




manifesto: our rebranding began with words that sparked ideas and from those ideas came imagery. This manifesto represents the values and intents of our organization and embodies our spirit and drive.